4 Things To Consider When Looking For A Private Event Venue

Planning a private event can be a complex endeavor, and one of the most important decisions an event planner must make in the process concerns the venue itself. No matter how thoughtfully planned things might otherwise be, holding an event in a venue that is less than ideal can keep it from being a successful one. Take a look below to discover just a few of the things that should be at the front of your mind when looking at private event venues.


Nobody wants to attend an event that is difficult to get to. In fact, poor accessibility can leave guests frustrated before they even walk in the door. With this in mind, make sure that your chosen venue is centrally located and easily accessible for all guests, no matter how they decide to get there. This means considering aspects of the venue such as parking availability (including valet parking) and proximity to major highways or public transit stations.


While it might seem like one of the least interesting parts of a search for a private event venue, the agreement you have with the venue is actually one of the most important. Always remember to clarify confusing terms in the contract, and confirm requirements related to insurance, refunds, and overall flexibility.


Many venues will seek to showcase their square footage, but as long as the venue has the capacity you need, the layout is a far more important factor for a private event. It is crucial to visit the venue and judge how the site can cater to your specific requirements. More specifically, it pays to consider the activities you plan to host and the flow of traffic throughout the event. Considering neither will result in a night that may have a great ambiance, but still be problematic at times.


No matter how conveniently located and perfectly designed, a venue is just empty space without all of the amenities. That's why you should inquire about the amenities during your search for a place to host your private event. Ask plenty of questions about included items such as tables and chairs, audio and video equipment, and the staff that can help set up or take down everything. Many venues will be more than happy to work with you on custom requests as well and have relationships with private vendors who can help you realize your dream event.

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