5 Tips For Selling A Home That Is In Need Or Repair

Do you have a home that you are trying to sell but is in need of repairs to make it sellable? If so, it will help to follow these tips that will help you out with the selling process.

Get A Home Inspection

Many people assume that a home inspection is only for the buyer to see what is potentially wrong with a home. However, a home inspection can be a great way to find out what you need to fix on the home before you list it for sale. The home inspection report that you get will be similar to what any buyer receives when they get their own home inspection. This will give you a heads-up on key problems that others will see.

Fix The Major Issues

You don't have to fix everything that is in the home inspection report, but you should prioritize the problems so that you know what is important. This will give you a plan of action when it comes to what you need to do. This will prevent you from focusing on things that are not as important, and help you focus on the things that are going to be deal breakers for buyers. 

Fix Glaring Cosmetic Issues

Do you have a problem that a buyer sees as soon as they enter your home, which can make it off-putting? This could be a hardwood floor that needs to be refinished or walls that need to be painted. Consider having these things repaired so that buyers are not put off by the home as soon as they enter it. 

Offer A Home Warranty

A home warranty is a great way to give buyers some peace of mind that they won't have to deal with major repairs as soon as they move in. It's a policy that you purchase on behalf of the buyer, and it helps cover the cost of replacing and repairing major things that break down within the terms of the warranty. The buyer would need to pay a small deductible in order to use the policy, but it can easily save them thousands of dollars if a problem comes up.

Be Prepared To Offer A Credit At Closing

Chances are that the buyer is going to have some problems with the home that they want to be repaired prior to moving in. Know that you can offer the buyer a credit at closing, which will offset their cost of buying the home so that they can do the repairs on their own. 

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