5 Components That Contribute To Privacy In A Luxury Home

When you look for a luxury home, you expect to get a higher degree of privacy. While fancy features are nice, the ability to form your own personal haven from the external world is a key ingredient of true luxury. And this privacy has a number of ingredients that buyers should look for. Here are five of the most important.

1. Space

Certainly, extra space between you and the world inherently boost privacy. This includes larger lots, more room between actual houses, and distance from public roads. Of course, the amount of extra space you can have depends on the area in which you're home-shopping. Luxury abodes in a given area should be spacious in comparison with the standard homes around them. 

2. Greenery

Even though many people focus on fences and structures to create privacy, greenery is often just as effective and more appealing. Trees, bushes, and lush landscaping can block your home from view and dampen sounds both coming and going. 

3. Security

Privacy means being able to enjoy your home without fear of unwanted intrusion, and security is a big part of this. The luxury home takes advantage of modern security features like cloud-based security, mobile app control, owner-controlled cameras, and layers of security from the outside working inward. 

4. Neighborhood

Look beyond the one specific plot or home you're considering. How private does the neighborhood feel? Does outside traffic frequently use it as a pass-through? Is it quiet in the evenings and on weekends? Is the home set back away from public access? Assessing the neighborhood may require visiting the property at different times and even talking to neighbors. 

5. Amenities

Finally, if you value your privacy, you want to be able to do more things on your own property rather than having to search elsewhere. The amenities at home, then, contribute to you being able to craft a truly private experience for yourself. Desired amenities commonly include outdoor entertainment zones, a home gym, a home office, a wine cellar, a home theater, and a pool or spa. Tailor your amenities to things you would prefer to do at home. 

Where to Start

Test out these five indicators of true privacy by including them in your home search today. Start by consulting with an experienced real estate agent who specializes in the luxury home market in your area. By knowing all the ingredients for the privacy you seek, you're sure to find a home for sale that you'll love for many years to come. 

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