7 Great Features to Look For When Buying a Luxury Log House

For a log house to offer a high level of luxury, it should include some fantastic features. You should consider the various amenity options available to you when you're picking out a luxury log house. The following are seven of these features to look for when buying a luxury log house. 


Outdoor living is likely to appeal to anyone who is interested in owning a log house. That's why any luxury log house should include a deck. A deck in a log house expands living space to the outdoors and makes a log house ideal for hosting in scenic surroundings. 

Outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is an additional way to make it easy and convenient to enjoy the outdoors at a luxury log house retreat. Outdoor kitchens make it possible to cook while enjoying the view of the yard and being closer to guests out on the deck. Cooking outside isn't just a nice way to get more room while cooking — it's also ideal for cooking items such as steak that give off a lot of smoke when cooked inside the home.  


Visiting a log house retreat often makes people want to unplug and disconnect. Therefore, reading is a great entertainment option to consider in log home design. You might want to consider having a library put in your luxury log home. This is especially the case if you are an avid reader.

Game room

Any type of luxury home should include a game room. Game rooms provide ample space for entertainment options such as watching films or shooting pool. 

Open floor plan

Most log houses have fairly open floor plans. Open floor plans can enhance the luxury feel of a log house by creating a feeling of spaciousness. They're also great for putting decor features on display in the living area. Another advantage of an open floor plan is that they help bring the household together by creating a large common area where everyone in the home can congregate. 

Circular driveway

A circular driveway is a great way to show off a luxury log house and make it make more stately. Circular driveways give a log house a grander feel for those who arrive and view the house for the first time. They can also help with the flow of vehicles if you're going to be having a lot of guests at your log house. 

Hot tub

Few things are more luxurious than stepping into a steaming hot tub. A luxury house located in a scenic area should include an outdoor hot tub. This is a great way to relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery. 

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