The Home-Selling Process When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Selling a house for the first time might leave you with some questions. Most people have questions when they want to list real estate for sale, mainly because it is not something they do often. If you want to list your home with a real estate agent, here are the steps you should expect during the home-selling process.

List the Home

To list your real estate for sale, you must work with a real estate agent. The agent will create a listing agreement that you must sign to initiate the arrangement. This agreement gives the agent the right to locate buyers for the house and earn a commission when the house sells. Once you sign this agreement, you can expect people to start inquiring about your home for sale.

Be Flexible with Showings

When your agent begins receiving calls about your home listing, they will ask you if they can show your home to those that called. As the home seller, you must be flexible with the showings. In other words, you will need to work your schedule around the showings. If possible, keep your home show-ready so that you can offer last-minute showings when requested. If you are flexible, you might find a buyer faster.

Wait for an Offer

You might have to show the home once or fifty times, but eventually someone that sees it might decide to write an offer to buy it. You might not have to wait long for the offer, depending on the market conditions and your home. There are also times when sellers must wait for months before receiving any offers.

Negotiate if Necessary

The next step in the process is negotiating, but this is not always necessary. If someone makes an offer that you are not satisfied with, you can negotiate by countering the offer. If you decide to do this, ask your real estate agent for ideas and advice.

Close the Deal

When you reach a deal and both parties complete all the necessary steps, your agent will notify you of your closing date. On the closing date, you give possession of the house to the person purchasing it, and you sign the paperwork to affirm the deal.

These are the basic steps of the home-selling process when you hire a real estate agent to assist you with the deal. If you are ready to list your property, find an experienced agent to hire for help. Keep these tips in mind when listing your real estate for sale.

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