A Guide To Two-Bedroom Townhomes

There are many factors to consider when buying a townhome. A home buyer should consider their current and future needs. In that case, a two-bedroom townhome may fit your future need for space based on your stage of life. A townhouse shares a common wall with similar units, with access to a community-owned yard. Below are the pros and cons to consider when buying a two-bedroom townhome

The Pros of Two-Bedroom Townhomes


A townhome is relatively affordable than a single-family detached unit. Ideally, separate units cost higher since they come with a private yard and more privacy. However, a townhome offers its unique features at a lower price. For instance, a two-bedroom townhome may be ideal for a family that is open to community life, with shared amenities. 


Compared to a detached unit, the townhouse provides the same quality of life at a lower maintenance cost. Notably, a townhome has a smaller yard, which requires less maintenance. Significantly, a homeowners association (HOA) manages townhomes. In this case, the maintenance is shared among the homeowners, thereby reducing the price per unit.  


The location of townhouses is ideal for people with an active urban life. These homes are sizeable enough to fit the smaller plots within the urban areas. In some instances, the townhouses are located in industrial land, which is ideal for factory workers. Also, town location allows homeowners to access urban amenities such as shopping malls, schools, and hospitals. 


A two-bedroom townhome offers more space compared to a condo. The general observation in residential real estate is that condos are becoming smaller when townhomes are expanding to fit the needs of homeowners. Thus, a townhouse will offer all the amenities of a single-family home, only without a private yard. In comparison, condo owners at times have to share basic amenities such as a laundry room. Such space makes a two-bedroom townhome more ideal for people with a family looking to start one.

The Cons of Two-Bedroom Townhomes

The management of townhomes falls under the care of the homeowners association. Ideally, the HOA sets rules on how to use the shared amenities such as playing yards. More restrictions may include waste removal and pets. More so, the HOA controls home renovations and painting. However, homeowners can still exercise their control indirectly through participation in the HOA decision-making process. Besides, the owner benefits from the maintenance services of the HOA at a small fee. Finally, townhomes do not offer as much privacy due to the shared walls. However, this may be a small cost to pay to enjoy more robust community life. 

The benefits of owning a two-bedroom townhome greatly outweigh the disadvantages. A townhome provides more room in an urban setting at an affordable price. If you value living together and shared community space, consider investing in a townhome. 

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