Top Factors That Affect Ranch Land Sales Value

When you are looking at ranch land sales, you might think they are a good investment for you. Ranches certainly can be a great investment regardless of what you want to use the land for, be it for recreational purposes or perhaps to raise cattle or grow crops, but there are certain factors that will determine how valuable that ranch land is. If you are able to put the right mix of factors into place, you can have a very good investment property.

Here are some of the top factors that affect ranch land sales value.

Water On The Property

When you search ranch land listings, check out whether or not they have water on the property. Then look to see what kind of water source it is and if it's usable for a working ranch. Water rights typically are sold along with the property, so you should own the right to use it however you wish. In some cases, the water rights may have been sold off separately from the land, so you will need to find out if this is the case.

You also need to know what the water type is. For example, is it a lake or river, or perhaps a stream? How much water is there? Does it have a source feeding it from neighboring properties or perhaps public land so the water level won't drop too much during the dry seasons? Can you use the water to irrigate crops or for your cattle to drink?

If the ranch land has water and it is usable, it will help to increase the value of the land.

Access To Recreational Usage

Ranch land listings are often sold to those who wish to own the land for recreational purposes. They either want to use the property for their own use or as an investment to sell access to visitors to go hiking, camping, for use with ATVs, fishing, and hunting. Ranch land is more valuable if there is wildlife on the property too because nature lovers will love to see different species of birds, animals, and fish.

For hunting purposes, a good supply of deer, bighorn sheep or moose can make a ranch land profitable too. If you primarily wish for fishermen to come and enjoy the ranch, the water needs to have a sustainable supply of various fish for them to catch.

The more unique features a ranch has, the more valuable the property is overall. The ease of the trails for both hikers and hunters is important, as is the quality of the body of water or the stream. So if you plan on buying a ranch for recreational purposes, make sure you check these items out before.

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