Staging Your Home

Staging a home is a powerful tool that aids a seller with showcasing a residence's features and supplying a potential buyer with some insight on how they can utilize a specific room. Your real estate agent can make arrangements to have a professional staging associate provide you with a consultation before you set up the inside of your home yourself. Here are some tips for staging your home. 

De-personalize and Clean

Before meeting with someone who will provide a staging consultation, de-personalize the main rooms that potential buyers will be viewing. This step should also be completed if you are going to take care of all the staging steps yourself. People who tour your home will appreciate viewing open, airy rooms that feature adequate lighting. If you are still living in the house, move personal photographs, memorabilia, and decor items to a spare bedroom.

Some basic decorations, however, such as landscape paintings or faux flowers that are contained in a vase can remain in the rooms that will be used for touring purposes. Many people who are house hunting will want to see what the shared living spaces look like, including the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room.

Featuring the master bedroom is also a good idea since the buyer of your home will likely be using this room as their own sleeping quarters. After you have removed your personal effects from these rooms, clean all surfaces and flooring.

Set the Scene for Each Room

If you are pleased with your staging consultation and like the ideas that the associate has provided you with, you should get to work implementing their feedback. With a staging service, you won't need to supply the furnishings and decor that is being utilized, which can be a bonus if you would like to begin packing up your possessions, in preparation for your moving day.

If you decide to work solely on the staging project and are going to utilize items you already own, neutral furnishings, minimal decor, and some aromatic accessories can be used to complete each staged area.

Once you have prepared the inside of your home, contact your real estate agent and make plans to take pictures, which can be used to create your home listing. Your real estate agent will conduct tours if you have hired a full-service agent who is handling each step associated with marketing your home and making a deal with a buyer.

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