Four Of The Most Popular Luxury Real Estate Amenities

If you are looking for a luxury home, the search can be a lot of fun. Luxury real estate comes with a lot of perks and there are a large variety of features you can include your property criteria. Most luxury homes require you to have your real estate agent with you and an approval letter in-hand proving you can afford the advertised price point. Here are four of the most popular luxury amenities homeowners look for in this unique market:

Swimming Pools and Spas

Having your own swimming pool and spa is a great way to bring fun and luxury to your life. Pools can be custom shapes and sizes with different features to make a huge statement on the property. Luxury homes often have heated pools that can be used year-round and upgraded saltwater systems filtration systems instead of chlorine to protect the swimmer's skin. Customs pools can have large water slides, diving boards, underwater caves, and beautiful waterfalls! Find a home with a beautiful pool you can enjoy year-round in your own backyard!

Gated Communities

Many luxury homeowners choose a home in a gated community. Unfortunately, bigger home price tags can make people bigger targets for crime. Living in a community with secure gates or even round-the-clock guarded entrances can bring homeowners peace of mind. These security features are usually paid for in a monthly fee for every household in the neighborhood. When your community is secure, you have less foot traffic and random vehicles driving on your streets. This can be a great way to ensure neighborhoods stay quieter and crime-free.

Golf Communities

If you are passionate about golfing, you can find luxury homes right on the golf course. These properties can have beautiful views of the course and have custom made golf cart garages. Imagine pulling right out of your garage onto the tee from your own home! Having a clubhouse in the neighborhood is a great way to socialize with other individuals that enjoy the sport as much as you do. If you are looking to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, consider looking for a luxury home in a golf community.

HOA Management

Living in a luxury home community can help you preserve property value when grounds are well maintained. Many luxury properties are in neighborhoods that use Homeowners Associations to help keep maintenance standards high. All residents pay a fee to pay for lawn care, design review boards, and maintain the roads. When you spend a lot of money on real estate, you don't want your neighbor's home to detract from the value of your luxury home!

Shopping for luxury homes is a unique experience that allows you to see some cool perks. Determine which luxury real estate amenities are important to you and let your agent know what to help you look for!

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