Traveling for a Nursing Position? Find the Best Housing for Your Contract

If you are going into a position as a travel nurse and you are worried about finding reliable housing for traveling nurses, there are some specifics to look for when choosing housing arrangements. You first want to talk with the nursing agency that hired you, because they may have connections with condos, apartments, and other options that they recommend you use or that they get a discounted rate with.

Talk with the hospital HR department as well, since they may have housing for these types of situations. When you are ready to look at different living arrangements, consider the following choices.

Apartments With Flexible Rental Agreements

Look at apartments that have flexible rental agreements, in case you have to get switched locations or hospitals. Talk with the apartment complex about the possibility of only doing a 6-month lease or potentially a month-to-month lease.

You also may need to do a one-year lease with the option to extend month by month so you don't end up without a place to live when you have to stay staffed in a position for longer than expected. If these arrangements cost more, talk to the travel agency about handling the extra cost.

Houses for Lease

Look for houses that you can lease for a year. This way, you have something that has space and all the appliances and items you would enjoy in a regular home, and you aren't in a building living if you don't want an apartment. You can often find these for lease by the owner and don't have to go through a real estate agent. However, this may mean lawn and snow care are up to you.

Townhomes With Amenities

If you are looking for something that is in a town area or a shopping center, you may want to try finding a townhome. This may be more suitable for your needs if it has multiple floors and bedrooms and is in a facility that has restaurants and shopping. Look at the options and see if this will fit within your budget.

If you are traveling alone, it will be easier for you to find a space, but if you are bringing children, a family, or animals, more space may be needed. Talk with your traveling agency to see if they have relations with real estate professionals or specific housing associations in the area where you are moving to get started.

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