Should You Buy A Newly Constructed Home?

Are you debating between purchasing an older home or new construction? If so, you may not be aware of all of the benefits of having a home that has recently been made. Here are four things to think about when searching out new homes for sale.

First Year Tax Discount

One thing to consider is what you will be paying in taxes that first year that you own the home. It is common for counties to tax a property based on what it was worth before you occupied it, which is typically just the land that the home is built on. This will cause the first year taxes that you owe to be extremely low, which can be an unexpected cost savings that you didn't know about. 

Cheap Insurance Rates

A home that is newly constructed is going to have far less problems than an older home, simply due to everything being new and up to date. This can cause your new home to be viewed as a lower risk by the insurance company, resulting in lower premiums. The insurance provider will assume that there is a lower chance of having roof damage, pipe bursts, and other problems that happen when the home is simply very old.


If you are purchasing a newly constructed home early on in the construction process, you will have the option to make customizations that you wouldn't otherwise be able to do. This can range from altering the layout of the home and how it flows to what kind of fixtures you want installed. These will all be rolled into the cost of your home, which means you can pay for it over time with your mortgage rather than put it on a credit card.

Minimal Maintenance 

You may be well aware of how things break in a home as it sees more wear and tear. It can range from things as small as worn down carpeting, or as serious as an HVAC system failure. With everything in the home being brand new, there will be less maintenance that has to be done to keep everything running well those first few years. This can give you peace of mind as you won't have worries about needing to fix things as soon as you move in.

Think you're ready to purchase a newly constructed home? Reach out to a realtor in your area that can help.

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