4 Critical Bed Bug Infestation And Extermination Questions Answered

Finding bed bugs in the home is something that no family should ever view as embarrassing. In fact, these persistent, easily concealed pests are now one of the most common ones to be found in residential housing, both single- and multi-family.

If you or one of your friends or relatives has just found evidence of a bed bug infestation, this information can help you answer some of your questions about this timely pest problem. 

Is a bed bug infestation a sign of poor housekeeping? 

It is common for homeowners to wonder if any type of pest infestation problem is their fault. When the pest in question is bed bugs, some people immediately wonder if their housekeeping habits could have caused it by being too relaxed But this is not true. 

Bed bugs are something of an equal-opportunity pest—perfectly happy to make themselves at home in households of any income level, social status, or degree of cleanliness. Unlike roaches and mice who are attracted to homes where cleaning routines are lax enough to make food debris and residue available, bed bugs feed on the blood of the humans and could care less about how clean or dirty their homes—or bodies—may be. 

Will bed bug bites cause disease or illness? 

The only good news to be found about a bed bug problem in the home is that these pests are not thought to cause illnesses. While their bites are uncomfortable, itchy, and capable of causing an allergic reaction or secondary infection, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers assurances that people who are bitten by these pests are not believed to be at risk of contracting a disease. 

Will homeowners insurance cover extermination costs for a bed bug infestation? 

Unfortunately, bed bug infestations are not covered by homeowners or renters insurance policies at this time. Insurance companies refuse to cover this type of pest problem because they view extermination processes as part of the standard home maintenance process that property owners are responsible for. 

Can a bed bug infestation be fully resolved? 

Homeowners, landlords, and tenants can all take comfort in knowing that bed bugs can be successfully eradicated. Heat, insecticides, and several other methods of treatment are widely used to eliminate bed bugs from residential housing, with excellent results. 

To learn more about bed bugs, including how to examine your home for signs of an infestation and what you can do to help avoid inviting them into the home, take time to visit with a professional pest control and beg bug extermination service in your area. 

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