Are There Times When A Seller Should Get A Home Inspection Before Listing Their Home?

If you are hoping to move to a new house and want to sell your current home so you can do this, you may want to consider getting your house inspected before listing it. While this is not always needed and you really will never be forced to do this, there are times when it is a good idea to get a house fully inspected before putting it on the market. Here are a few things to know if you are wondering if you should get your home inspected first.

You could do it simply to avoid problems later on

Some people will get their home inspected by a professional before listing it simply to avoid problems later on. If you choose to do this prior to listing the house, you can find out the issues that the inspection would reveal later on. By finding these out now, you could fix them, and this would likely mean that if a buyer got the home inspected later on, there would be no issues to address. This would make the sale go through easier and more smoothly when you find a buyer after listing it.

You could do it to prove that you fixed a problem the house once had

A second reason people get a house inspected before listing it is to prove that problems were fixed that the house once had. If, for example, the house once had water damage, getting it inspected could be the proof you need that the damage was fixed and there is no evidence present that the water damage ever took place.

You could do it to offer documentation of the problems the house has when selling as-is

The other reason you could do this is to document the known problems of the house, and this is something you could do if you are selling it as-is. If you sell as-is, you are basically saying that the house may have issues, but you do not plan on fixing them. If you can show a buyer proof of every issue the house has, it could be beneficial for the buyer and for you when trying to negotiate the deal.

These are three good reasons to consider getting your house inspected before you even list it. While there are good reasons to do this, you do not have to; however, it can make selling your house easier as it could help you prevent problems during the closing process. To learn more tips about selling your home, contact a real estate agent.

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