Mind These Things When Buying A Home On A Slope

Topography is a huge deal when it comes to buying a house. You need different evaluation factors depending on whether a property is built on a slope, on top of a hill or in a valley requires. For example, you need to keep these tips in mind if you are interested in a house on a slope:

Drainage Issues

This is one of the first things you should be worried about when buying a house on a slope. It is not that properties on slopes have drainage issues, but drainage issues are more likely to plague such places. For example, the surface runoff can easily flood the basement or oversaturate the lawn if there are no mitigative measures in place. Therefore, confirm that there are measures in place to prevent such scenarios; for example, the basement should have a sump pump to get rid of water in case it floods.

Activities above the Slope

Even if a property is properly designed and has an impeccable drainage system, it can still be problematic to inhabit if the property owners above it aren't as careful with their properties. For example, a home with a poorly maintained septic system can pollute your home if it is located above your home. A farmer who uses dangerous chemicals, and whose farm is above yours, may also contaminate your lands. Therefore, you also have to consider the properties above the slope when evaluating ranch homes for sale.

Accessibility Difficulties

Getting to your front doorstep shouldn't be a chore every time you come into the house. Unfortunately, that may be your exact situation if your house is constructed on a slope, you have mobility issues, and the house wasn't constructed with people like you in mind. For example, if you have chronic back pain or use a wheelchair, it will be difficult to access your home if its designer didn't have such users in mind.

Natural Light

The orientation of a property on a slope affects how much natural light it receives on a day. Depending on which side of the slope your house sits on, you may be condemned to dark afternoons and evenings if the sun disappears on the other side of the slope. This is not good because natural light is necessary both for your health and for your house's energy efficiency.

Therefore, carefully evaluate any property on a slope you wish to buy. A home inspection should also identify any issues with the house and help you determine whether to proceed with the purchase or not.

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