Toddler-Proofing Your New Home

When you buy a new home and you have toddlers, you will need to child proof it as soon as you get the go-ahead to move in. Also, there are some things you may want to make sure of before you put in an offer on a house to ensure it is safe for your little ones. Here is some information that will help you when choosing a house and when child-proofing your new home:

Make sure there are no safety hazards that you can't work around

One important factor when choosing the right home is making sure there aren't any safety hazards for your little one that you aren't going to be able to work around. For example, if the home has unsafe staircases and very low windows in the upstairs rooms then you need to decide whether you are willing to invest to correct these things or should move on to the next house. If the house is on a very busy street, you need to decide if putting up a fence is going to make you feel safer or if you should look for a house on a quieter, more residential street.

Toddler-proofing your new home

Once you close escrow and you move in your first step will be making sure the house is as safe as possible for your little ones. You want to make the following improvements to ensure the house is safe:

  • Secure all doors leading to the outside or dangerous areas with childproof doorknob covers. You may also want to put chain locks on doors that go to the outside, just in case they figure out a way past the doorknob covers.
  • Cover all empty electrical outlets with plastic covers that go in them. This will prevent your little ones from sticking objects into the outlets and getting shocked.
  • Band all cords together so your child can't get at them. You can use ties to band the cords together and then tuck them behind something where your little one can't get at them.
  • Make sure your curtain cords are kept out of reach so your toddler doesn't get wrapped in them and possibly choke.
  • Secure everything that can be knocked down. You should use brackets to secure any heavy furniture to the wall that can be knocked over and injure your child. For example, a heavy bookcase that they can knock over climbing on should be secured.
  • Secure any windows that pose a risk. You especially want to secure all upstairs windows and don't place anything in front of them your child can climb on.

Contact a property maintenance service for more information and assistance. 

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