Housing Options For The Elderly And/Or Retired

If you are past retirement age and you no longer want all of the maintenance and expenses that go with continuing to care for the home you may have been in for years, then you should think about downsizing. Look at listings for properties that you would feel comfortable and safe in, as well as one that will fit in your budget with regards to its price, monthly utility costs, maintenance expenses, etc. Here are some types of housing you may feel more comfortable in:

Consider moving into a condo – You may find that condo living is right for you as a retired individual. However, a lot of condos have an upstairs to them, so you may want to specifically look for a condo that only has one level so you don't have to worry about difficulties with the stairs either now or in the future. Condos tend to have very small yards, they have plenty of people who also live very close to you, they can often have programs available like monthly bingo games, monthly movie nights, etc.

While you generally have to pay a home owners association when you move into a condo community, you will also find that you save money in other ways. Since a lot of the maintenance is taken care of and the places tend to be smaller, you will be able to save on some monthly expenses in that way.

Consider moving into a mobile home park – If you buy a mobile home in a mobile home park, you will have a small yard, usually just the right size for you to be able to plant some flower beds, but not big enough for you to worry about a lot of yard maintenance. The parks normally have pools and barbecue areas you can enjoy when your family comes to visit.

You will find that mobile home parks also have very slow speed limits and usually speed bumps, so you can enjoy getting out and walking around the park when the weather is nice without worrying about fighting dangerous traffic.

Consider a 55+ community – If you have come to a point where you don't want to deal with other people's children and you like the thought of going outside and being able to meet a lot of people in your own community that are also mature, then a 55+ community may be more to your liking.

You can find that 55+ communities come in all types. There are gated communities with small homes, condo communities, mobile home communities, apartments and townhome communities that can offer you the chance to enjoy the benefit of living in a 55+ neighborhood.

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