Reasons To Vacate Your House During A Scheduled Showing

When your house is for sale, you'll get excited when your real estate agent contacts you and informs you that an interested buyer wishes to visit. Once you get the showing scheduled, you'll likely get busy making sure the house looks its best — and you should also get busy figuring out something to do during the showing. Some sellers prefer to remain inside the residence when the prospective buyer arrives, and doing so can be bad news. In fact, your listing agent may suggest that you vacate the premises during this time. Here are some reasons that you should heed your expert's advice.

The Buyer Won't Rush

Buyers don't tend to like when the homeowner is present during a showing. The owner's presence can make the buyer uncomfortable because he or she cannot converse honestly with his or her agent. This may mean that the buyer who will be touring your home tries to get through the residence as quickly as possible so that he or she can leave — and this isn't a good sign. Buyers who are serious about a particular home will want to spend as long as possible checking out each room; when you're not there, the buyer will be able to do so.

There Won't Be Any Pushy Energy

Even if you don't want to be pushy, you may not be able to help it. If you're actually walking around the house with the prospective buyer, it will be tough for you to avoid touting the benefits and asking the buyer what he or she thinks. Similarly, when the buyer is ready to leave, you may feel inclined to see if the buyer is interested and when he or she may submit an offer. Either scenario can seem pushy, which can make someone who might otherwise be interested in your home feel a little put off.

The Agent And Buyer Can Discuss Their Strategy

Provided that the buyer touring your home is interested, he or she will often begin to discuss an offer strategy with the real estate agent. For example, a buyer might point out a couple issues with the house and ask what the agent thinks about offering $15,000 below listing price. When you're present, this strategic discussion won't take place. If the agent or interested buyer has other obligations immediately after the showing, it can take a while for this talk to develop — and by then, the agent may have found a more suitable property for the buyer to consider.

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