How Armed Security Guards Are Different From Unarmed Guards

You may feel that having an armed security guard is a bit much, but it is actually safer to hire armed security guards than it is to hire any other type of security guard. These are skilled professionals who will be able to keep your company safe while also reducing your liabilities. 

Training Is More Extensive

Armed security guards must be trained much more heavily. The security guards must not only understand how to use a weapon but must also be trained on when to use one. Not only must they receive unique training on how to properly use a firearm, but they must also receive the same training that other security guards receive. They will have to pass state standards and then you can require them to take additional measures to pass your own standards. 

More Extensive Background Checks

Armed security guards must be put through a more extensive background check than other types of guards. They undergo an FBI background check, which means that their fingerprints are checked. Those agents who have a criminal record or who have a history of mental stability will not be allowed to be security guards. These will be better employees and you can feel safe knowing that those who are put in charge of your security will not be criminals. 

More Training

Those who want to become armed security guards will begin by signing up for a local security guard training program. This training includes the proper method to protect other individuals without the use of firearms. The security guard may receive other forms of training, such as a history of security, report writing and patrolling methods. It is then necessary to complete a licensing II exam. Security guards then spend time working as unarmed guards until they have obtained enough experience. Later, they engage in additional training and take more exams in order to become qualified to be an armed security guard.

Why Armed Guards Are Better

When security guards are not armed, they are less likely to serve as a deterrent. Some criminals may attempt to strong arm a security guard or may arrive armed. It is most important to consider the types of threats that you expect the armed security guard to face. For example, if he or she will be providing security in a location that has political instability, it would make more sense to use an armed security guard.

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