The Benefits Of Buying A Country Club Home On Country Club Property

The lifestyles of the wealthy and well-known often involve buying country club homes located on or near country club property. If you have reached higher financial status and want to show off a bit, you could buy a country club home too. Here are the benefits of buying a country club home on country club property.

All-Access to Country Club Activities

When you buy a country club home, your dues for country club activities are included in the price of your house. This means that you have access to all activities sans the usual charges for those that do not own a country club house. You can pick and choose what you want to do, including golf, swimming, and various social events held all year.

You Are More "in the Know" Than Occasional Guests

Because you own country club property, you get the newsletter that tells you everything you need to know about upcoming events. There are also exclusive events for property owners. You will know all of this before it is publicized or provided on the club house website for non-members and occasional guests.

You Will Always Have a "Country Home" and a "City Home"

Most of the property owners here refer to their country club homes as their "country homes" or "home in the country." Their apartments or houses in the nearest metropolis are often their "city homes." Buying a second home via the country club properties means you too can claim that you have both a "city home" and a "country home."

You Can Hob-Knob and Network

The actual clubhouse on the property allows you to hob-knob and network with lots of other wealthy individuals too. It is a place where old money and new money comes to mix, and where business deals and idea exchanges occur. The clubhouse frequently doubles as a place where you can get a bite to eat, a drink, borrow the free WiFi, and even get a cup of coffee and the morning stock quotes.

You Do Not Have to Travel Far for Recreation

Why go off the property to golf, swim, fish, sunbathe, play tennis, or work out in a gym? All of these activities and more are commonplace to the country club. They are also free or reduced price to those that have purchased a home on country club property. Make sure to ask for a tour of all of the above before or after you look at a country club home for purchase.

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