3 Lighting Tips For Showing Off Your Home For Sale

If you are preparing your home to show to potential buyers, you may be wondering if there is anything simple you can do to improve its appeal. Lighting is an important factor when showing homes for sale. Use the following tips to use the lighting in your home to your advantage when showing it off.

Let in as Much Natural Light as Possible

Before someone comes to view your home, open as many windows as possible to allow the sunshine to stream into the rooms. Letting in as much natural light as possible instantly opens up your rooms and brightens the atmosphere.

If your windows have thick window treatments that cover half of the glass, switch them out with brightly colored sheer curtains. Even when parts of the panels cover the windows, the thin material still allows more light in than traditional thick-paneled ones.

Make Sure All Light Bulbs Work

Another thing you should do before the buyers arrive is to go through your house and make sure all of the light bulbs work. As your visitors walk through your home, they may flip every switch to make sure each socket works properly. If a light bulb is blown out, they may suspect there is an electrical issue instead of just a blown bulb.

Changing any blown bulbs also gives you the chance to double check and make sure that there are no electrical issues. If you have not changed that blown bulb in your back closet for a while, you may not realize if the socket is an issue. If you do this check a couple of days before showing the house, it gives you a chance to address the problem.

Change Out Clear Bulbs for Frosted Ones

While you are checking your light bulbs, consider replacing any clear bulbs with frosted ones. Frosted light bulbs give off a softer light that is easier on the eyes.

Another advantage to using frosted bulbs over clear ones is that they give off a more subtle light which can hide imperfections. Clear bulbs give off a bright, harsh light that could draw attention to the tiny tears in the wallpaper or the cobwebs you may have missed in the corner of your bedroom while you were cleaning.

Taking the above small steps to improve your home's lighting can accent its positive attributes and minimize any negative ones. If you need more guidance on how to prepare your house for viewing by potential buyers, you may want to contact the real estate agent through whom you have listed your home for sale to seek their advice.

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