Golden Girl's Estate: How To To Select A Single Family Home For Friend Living

In some cities and states, buying a house as a single person is next to impossible unless you are wealthy. If you want to have a nice home with a backyard, nice fixtures, and several bedrooms and bathrooms, you will need another income in order to be approved and able to purchase a home. If you and several of your friends are running into the same issue of purchasing a home, you should consider purchasing together. For the friends who want to live together Golden Girl style, here is how to select the best single family home for living. 

Closed living floor plan

Open floor plan is all the rage right now; however, it is easier to live with friends and have personal space with a closed floor plan. Select a home with clearly defined living room areas, dining room areas, and hallways. Being able to close the door inside of the kitchen or dining room while others are inside of the living rooms makes things easier as roommates. This even allows each roommate to host in a common area while still having some privacy from the rest of the roommates. Be sure that the rooms are stationed away from the common areas so that if one person stays up late, they won't bother anyone else. 

Similar-sized rooms

Unless there will be one main owner of the house, like Blanche from the Golden Girls, you will want to find a single family home that has similar sized rooms. This ensures that no fight will break out over who gets what room. If everyone will be paying the same amount, select a single family home that has rooms that are all the same size. If you all value privacy, be sure that there are as many bathrooms as there are rooms. This will allow everyone their own level of cleanliness and comfort without any fights or hard feelings. 

Get big lounge or common areas

As friends, you will want to hang out together at times. Select a single family home with common areas that are large enough for several people. Get a home with a patio or deck big enough for everyone to sit on during a mid-summer night. Be sure that the dining room table can host all of the residents of the home as well as family and friend guests. Having a house with extra large common room areas will encourage communal living without forcing everyone to remain in a cramped or confined space. 

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