When Key Card Locks Misbehave: How Your Commercial Locksmith Will Fix Them

Key card locks are locks that require the insertion or swipe of a key card to unlock the door. These types of locks keep doors very safe and secure and prevent the entrance of anyone who should not be on the other side of these doors. Usually, the locks and key cards function just fine, but when they misbehave, you need a commercial locksmith. Here is how a locksmith will figure out what is wrong with the key card locks and how he/she will fix them.

The Key Card Skeleton Key

A "skeleton key" used to test these commercial door locks is in the possession of many commercial locksmiths. It helps the locksmith determine if there is a problem with the locks or if there is a problem with the keys. The locksmith first tests the locks with this electric skeleton key and then moves on to repair the lock or replace the lock's key.

When the Key Card Skeleton Key Does Not Work

When the key card skeleton key does not work, it means that there is something wrong with the lock. The locksmith will then disconnect the lock from your electrical system while the door is open so that everyone in the building can get in and out. Then the locksmith takes the lock apart, looking, checking and assessing the various components to see what is wrong with the lock. Quite often, the wiring inside the lock or the connection between the tumblers and the magnetic strip or openings on the key card are not making the connections they are supposed to. Finally, repairs are made to the lock and/or the key card swiping mechanism and tumblers so that the door works again.

When the Key Card Skeleton Key Works, but the Regular Key Card to the Door Does Not

When the locksmith uses his/her skeleton key card and the skeleton key card unlocks the door, then the problem might be the other key cards and not the lock. The locksmith may ask to test the key cards of several employees who pass through the same door regularly, and then test every one of those keys on the problematic lock. If every key card fails to open the lock on the first try, then the key cards might be faulty and may need to be replaced. Thankfully, new key cards can be fabricated for the same lock, but it takes time and they need to come from the company that made the lock. Your commercial locksmith will place the order for the key cards for you.

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