Landscape Installation: How It Helps You Avoid Fines, Increase Property Values, Prevent Corrosion & Control Pests

 Landscaping provides a number of very real, very tangible benefits, in addition to the fact that it serves to make more aesthetically pleasing scenery. Whether it's increasing the value of your home or office building, or helping to deter unwanted pests, outfitting your property with neat, tidy landscaping can often pay for itself. Below is a brief overview of four of the most prominent benefits of professional landscape installation.

Avoiding HOA Fines

If you live in a neighborhood that's overseen by a particular homeowner's association, professional landscape installation can help ensure you won't be levied with hefty fines for a failure to upkeep your property. Even if you feel like you've done an acceptable job in maintaining your front yard, HOA regulations often include specific colors and types of plants you're allowed to utilize.

Not only can having professional landscapers ensure that your outdoor areas are kept neat and in accordance with local HOA regulations, but it can also serve to increase property values.

Rising Property Values

One of the most significant advantages of a professional landscape installation is that it can actually pay for itself in the form of increased equity. In fact, landscaping might increase the value of your home or office building by as much as 28%.

Taking even a modest home valued at $100,000, it seems there is hardly an explanation as to why every homeowner in America has not had their home professionally landscaped.

Not only can landscaping increase property values, but doing so might also expedite the selling process by up to 15%.

Erosion Prevention

You can also employ strategic landscaping to help prevent certain types of erosion. This type of landscaping is most commonly utilized on sloped hillsides that are subject to potential soil erosion over time. By using strip landscaping and planting shrubbery in sections, professionals can reduce the probability of soil erosion on sloped grounds. In doing so, you are also helping to reduce the chance of future expenses relating to correcting such soil erosion.

Control Unwanted Pests

Another benefit of clean landscaping is that pests are less likely to inhabit your yard, or worse yet, your home. By constantly ensuring that your outdoor landscaping is free from leaf litter, wood chips, and excessively long brush, you can all but guarantee that your yard will be pest fee.

There are a great deal of benefits associated with a clean, professional landscape installation, but increasing property values, avoiding fines, and helping to protect against soil corrosion and pests are just a few of the most important.

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